Top Virtual Network Provider 2017: the best VPN service

What is more dangerous for any of us: going out alone late at night using iPhone7 as a flashlight or surfing the net without VPN? If you think that the first option is much more dangerous – keep reading. Today you might change your opinion about the Internet security and online protection.

Each of us can be called an experienced PC user. Although it is 2017, we still mostly live according to standards of the 90’s. It’s hard to believe, but most of us find it normal protecting their computers exclusively from viruses.

There hardly exists a PC without some basic antivirus software. Nevertheless, only a handful users understand the dangers of the Internet. Their browser history, logs together with all passwords and logins are under greater threat than ever.

best vpn 2017

In the era of hackers we should realize there may always be someone else watching us online as we surf the web. Here’s a thought; someone can hack into your web camera and watch every step taken within one room, or elsewhere if you take your laptop with you? Seems creepy.

Sounds scary, right? Don’t be afraid. This problem has been solved a few years ago by a group of brilliant programmers and scientists.

VPN services have been invented to prevent any data leaks from our computers. These services guarantee complete protection for everyone.

The best VPN applications are available for Windows and MacOS. There also are programs for mobile gadgets, like smartphones and tablets. Any device we use to go online can download a VPN that suits it best in just a few clicks.

This software gets upgraded occasionally. Developers try to add new options to extend their abilities. The best VPN services 2017 are much more powerful than those of previous years.


Dreaming of secure protection, people refer to top VPN providers of today:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. IPVanish
  3. VyprVPN
  4. Buffered
  5. VPNArea

Some of these are free, the others require funds for download or some monthly payments that are totally affordable for anyone. Their algorithm is pretty similar, and it hardly changes year after year. These tiny programs mask your PC signals redirecting them to virtual VPN server. When they pass through it and reach the target web address, the data becomes invisible even for your Internet provider.

This process can described as putting some virtual mask on your computer. This distant server changes your IP address by providing you with a new, virtual one. Since that moment, nobody can spot your location.

All of your data is now encrypted. No matter what you do online or what websites you visit – no one can see that. Even if sending a message – it stays encrypted until the moment it raches the addressee.

All your passwords are secured from recording or interception by hackers. This option has saved thousands of people from identity theft. It is one of the best methods for securing funds in online banking.

The best VPN providers

Virtual Private Network is the best way to secure your Internet privacy. VPN tool works fine for offices, local home networks and even public Wi-Fi. The last one poses a huge threat for all users as it cannot be controlled. We are unaware of what software can be used within it for tracking our moves online. What is also important – anyone can hack in without any effort.

This is why more users stick to the idea of VPN security importance. Before using any available VPN tool, it is wise to check available providers for choosing right package that meets your needs.

That list above offers you the best VPNs in 2017. They have one general function. Any good VPN service guarantees the following options:

  • anonymity and plausible deniability;
  • location geo-shift;
  • secure casual browsing;
  • secure access to house network.

Keep in mind that each provider can add some features to your VPN security package. Some of them might boost internet speed or help reduce traffic expenses.

Today most providers offer a one-click VPN client that demands no special skills for its adjustment so it will be easy to install and use.

Clients receive a special distributive file for VPN, download it and you can freely use their network. As for the best VPN apps for mobile devices – they are downloaded just like any other app from PlayMarket or Apple Store. Two taps and it is there.

No need to rush for the fastest VPN service. Look for the one that suits your network. Most of the VPN software will adjust itself according to your connection speed as soon as you start your VPN account.

Every trusted and reputable VPN provider has more than one virtual VPN server. Thanks to this technology, we receive instant access to any content no matter if it is blocked in our country.

When using online VPN service, we deal with less flexible system. Such networks rarely deal with more than one server. And their VPN server software is less trustworthy.

Although if there are no more options available to you, it is recommended to use at least one of these online VPNs for for the basic internet security.

Find the best secure VPN

We sincerely hope that these tips can help you secure your privacy online. The World Wide Web is a public place where we cannot be sure who our neighbors\opponents are so we should always make sure we stay protected at all times.